Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lagi cake for Mother's Day...

ready for delivery

promosi mother's day, purchese RM50 and above,
free 1 love box chocolate

snickers cheese cake + caramel
1 kg
RM 55

This snickers cheese cake (SCC) is ordered by madam Li Peng (so sorry if wrong spelling for your name). This is third time she’s ordered cake from sue, but first time for cheese cake. She’s want to order 2 pieces of SCC, 1 for mother’s day and 1 for her mother’s birthday. She’s want me to delivery this cake on 11 May.
On 9 May evening, I start bake 1 of the cake. After I put the cake into the oven, I received call from her and she ask me what time she’s will receive her cakes today... “Alamak!!! I dah salah hari ka??? I said last day U told me is 11 May, is I’m wrong?” Luckily the answer is “ ohh.. ya la, u are right” .. Fuh.. nasib betul, if not mati I.. :D
So hopefully madam Li peng will satisfied with the taste of Snickers Cheese Cake, and will keep order cakes with me ya.. Tq so much..

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